Thirteen MORE Terrible Halloween CPA Movies

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Thirteen MORE Terrible Halloween CPA Movies

Here are 13 more Halloween flicks that will surely send shivers down your adjusting journal entries. As is tradition in our house, horror films are on our TV almost every night, accompanied by some popcorn, of course. Interspersed here and there are The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes. But now for the truly terrifying tales!

1. The Nightmare Before Tax Day

The Pumpkin King kidnaps Uncle Sam. No one misses him.

2. Phantom Gains of the Opera

The opera’s gain from the sale of an investment is offset by a loss in the same investment.

3. Resident Evil: Sole-Source Justification

Based on the video game where you select a sole source and the normal bid process is not used.

4. Chernobyl Journal Entries
Tourists hire an extreme accountant to help them explore the ruins of a radioactive bookkeepping office.

5. Eraserhead of Household

David Lynch is able to file Head of Household after letting Henry stay with him.

6. Let the Right Dependent In
A lonely boy befriends what appears to be a girl that just moved in next door. But does she actually qualify for the dependent exemption?

7. Rollforward of the Dead

A swarm of time-traveling zombies move from one year to the next. Only an intrepid group of auditors can halt their hunger for temporal lobes.

8. Zombieland Like-Kind Exchange

Defer your gains, avoid the undead! Visit 666 Flags!

9. Child Tax Credit’s Play
The $1,000 refundable credit isn’t quite as it seems. This is due to your income being limited by phase-out.

10. The Purge: Materiality

Can your financials survive the 12-hour window where any and all materiality is limited to $1?

11. So I Married a Tax Evader
Fortunate are the unwed.

12. Amazon Use Tax on the Moon
If I have something shipped to the moon, do I owe use tax, or will Amazon collect it for me?

13. Taxes Chainsaw Massacre

He’ll cut your taxes!

Brad Garland

Brad Garland

A Certified Public Accountant in Huntsville, AL.

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