Thirteen Terrible Halloween CPA Movies

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Thirteen Terrible Halloween CPA Movies

Halloween is almost here, and scary movie marathons dominate television. Last night my wife and I watched The Conjuring. The film had many jump-inducing moments, and scared my wife such that she woke up in the middle of the night ready to fight the monsters. While The Conjuring was a critical and theatrical success, what sort of films might live in infamy for being awful? Here are 13 movies that would be so terrible, they’d be terrifying.

1. Friday the April 15th

Rises every tax day to submit erroneous returns. Watch out, first-time filers!

2. Cost Pool-tergeist

Evil spirits wreck your government contract.

3. The MFJ Spouse of Frankenstein

The Frankensteins are glad the marriage penalty is a thing of the past.

4. Carrie-Over Losses
Local high school girl goes to prom, but has a big bucket of prior year losses dumped on her.

5. The AMT-ville Horror

Family moves into new house, encounters AMT.

6. NOL-sferatu

A classic about a being that draws strength by feasting on the net operating losses of others.

7. The Hills Have IFRS

Meet the horror known as IFRS!

8. The Accounting Firm in the Woods

Not is all as it seems at this quaint CPA firm - choose your fate!

9. An American Werewolf Electing to Exclude Foreign Income in London

The werewolf still gets taxed by the state, though.

10. Night of the Living EBITDA

They want your brains…

11. I Know What You Did Last Sequester Starring Jennifurlough Love-Hewitt.

12. Dependents of the Corn
A town of dependent exemptions and child tax credits, but no tax return to claim them.

13. Paranormal Schedule C Activity

Quick, someone look up the NAICS code…for TERROR!

Brad Garland

Brad Garland

A Certified Public Accountant in Huntsville, AL.

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